Beard and Moustache Transplantation

Beard transplantation differs from other transplantations in that graft-taking is made on the cheekbone and lower parts of the breast and nape in addition to hair. As it is, while beards of the patients who are completely beardless or have scarce beard are thickened, permanent epilation is also achieved during the same process by means of extra roots taken from other parts at the same time. Carried out by use of very thin punches, no sign remains at all in this process.

In case there is no beard at all, it is possible to transplant beards up to 3000 roots by means of a process special to the patient. In case of local loss of beard, special transplantation process is performed for the patient and transplantation is applied to the location with loss of beard in such density to comply with other locations. In order to get a dense moustache appearance, transplantation up to 800 roots is sufficient, and as to the beard transplantation, 3000 roots result in a quite satisfactory appearance. In the locations of follicles taken from the face for beard transplantation, a pinky appearance may form for 1-2 weeks, but no noticeable problem is encountered with respect to the roots taken from the body. As to the grafts taken from the donor location, there appears no noticeable loss up to 10 thousand roots and when it is taken from the body its loss is not important.


Application area of beard and moustache transplantation can be washed after 24 to 48 hours and thus the blood clots resulting from the process are removed by washing. In this way, the transplanted beards become visible. In 2-3 days after beard and moustache transplantation, you may observe pustule-like formations at the follicles. The reason is that blood build-up increases for better nourishment of the hair roots after transplantation. This phenomenon disappears after maximum two weeks and appearance returns to normal. After two weeks, you may experience sudden loss of hairs at the area of the transplanted beard and moustache. However, hairs expected to be lost shall regrowh after maximum eight months and hair quality and thickness at the transplantation area shall continue to increase up to two years. Moustache transplantation process can be perfomed only with FUE Method. At the intended area of transplantation, graft-taking is performed to such degree that is required for the channels opened with Lateral Slit Technique. In this way, both graft is not taken more than necessary and operation duration shortens and rate of success increases. Problems such as no-hair and sparse hair at the moustache area are considerably Remove by means of moustache transplantation. Beard and moustache grown can be shortened with a scissors or kept after the day 15 following the transplantation. In order that the transplantation process may result more successfully, you shold have a shave about one month later.


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