FUE Hair Transplantation

As no surgical operation is applied in the FUE technique, which is the most frequently one in recent times, and quicker recovery is assured, the patients also prefer this method.

Recently, with FUE method which is the leading one among the most frequently used techniques, the patients also prefer this method as it is not involved with a surgical operation and provides quicker improvement.


Upon blood test to be assured about suitability of the patient for the process, hairs at the donor area are shortened to remain one millimetre. Area from which follicles to be taken is locally anesthetized and then hair, graft and tissue are cut from the donor area by the Micro Motor, removing it according to the emergency angle of the hair. Follicular units accommodate 2-3 strands of hair in average. Follicular units removed are maintained into the glass petri for the area to be transplanted and then they are individually placed into the canals opened by Lateral Slit Technique on the hairless area. In this way, while morce grafts can be taken from the hairy area without any damage, the process is completed in a shorter time.


The hairs transferred are lost in the first month, but follicles start to grow in 2-3 months again. In six months, A noticeable change occurs at the area of transplantation. And the transplanted hairs will reach maximum emergence in one year. As the patient’s own hairs are transferred, the hairs will grow in the same structure and colour and remain with the patient because they were they from an area coded against lost. While factors such as direction of hairs and natural hair line are important in the hair transplantation, amount of hairs and type of graft-taking are also very important. For this reason, hair transplantation performed by an expert team is much more successful. Furthermore, it has been proved by surveys and patient feedbacks that self-confidence and psychology of the patients in addition to their appearance also are positively improved when they have hairs growing lifetime.


• The entire tissue at the place from which grafts are taken is not completely removed. Only stem cell, hair and a Small amount of tissue are extracted individually. • No cut or is is performed at the area from which hair is taken. Small scratch occurs at the area of graft-taking and these scratches recover in several days without leaving any sign. • Each graft accommodates 1 to 3 strands of hair. And 1 graft is considered as 2 – 2.5 hairs in average. • Depending on the condition of the donor area and number of cells, grafts up to 4,000 to 6,000 may grow at one time. •The follicle taken from the nape area with FUE technique may also be used for transfer of eyebrow, moustache and beard in addition to hair transfer. • Depending on the condition of the area where hair transplantation to be performed, it is possible to transplant 50 – 60 grafts per square centimetre. • That recovery process is faster and painless after the operation compared to other methods is the greatest Reason that this technique is preferred. The patient may continue his/her daily routine just immediately after the operation.


For FUE technique, the most important factor determining the price is size of the area of application. The price varies depending on the application area such as hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation and beard transplantation. By taking photo of the area of application and making vis-à-vis negotiation, it is more appropriate to determine the price of the application and to inform the patient about details of the process. In the preliminary examination, actual number of grafts is determined. And, in this way, graft is used according to the requirements, preventing the patient from experiencing any surprise budgets. You may get an appointment by calling Apex Hair Clinic for any questions in your mind, and get detailed information by means of free examination.


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