PRP Hair Therapy

Being the healthiest hair invigoration method recently, P.R.P. technique aims at preventing hair loss and recover the follicles which have weakened and are about to die.

With P.R.P. therapy, the patient’s own blood is passed through a special process to add vitamin, mineral and active agents to invigorate the follicles and injected to the scalp which is hairless or has problem of hair loss.


With P.R.P., an operation which does not cause any pain or sign in a session about 30 minutes, firstly, 10 cc venous blood is taken from the patient and separated by help of centrifugal equipment. The patient’s blood is separated as white and red blood, and then leucocyte, thrombocyte, coagulation factors and red part containing PGF are kept subject to a special process and injected by the napping method to the area showing hair problem. After the injection made for tissue renewal, the patient may resume his/her daily life. Unlike mesotherapy, only one injection is sufficient each year after P.R.P. therapy applied for 3-6 months to the hairless area and special to the patient once in a month in total.


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