Eyebrow and Eyelash Transplantation

Eyebrow plantation is among the most frequently performed operations in our clinic. Eyebrow transplantation is easily performed under local anesthesia with a process lasting only 1 or 2 hours. Follicles taken by help of micromotor with FUE technique are individually separated and transplanted at the area of hair loss.

If there is local loss of eyebrow, the process is successfully performed in 30 minutes and the results are very pleasing and satisfactory. In some cases, when the patients desire to have their eyebrows thickened, The shape is specified and transplantation is performed according to the angle of each follicle.


Hairs on the nape are lifted up and an area of 1 cm in width and 5-10 cm in length is shaved in form of a horizontal line and then follicles are removed by using tiny punches by help of micromotor. As the area from which the follicles are taken is very small, no sign remains at this area. Depending on the need for the eyebrow area of the person, graft taken may vary between 40-50 follicles and 400-500 follicles. Transplantation process is very different at the eybrow area because each person has quite variable eyebrow growth pattern. Eyebrows growing at a more straight angle near the nose start to grow at an angle of 40-45 degrees related to forehead at the places nearer to the ears. Practically, its importance appears during the transplantation process. Angle of the transplanted follicles should be prepared carefully. The reason is that the eyebrows are among the most expressive features on our face. Any least negligence may lead to unpleasant results. Eyebrow transplantation is follicular transplantation process which is performed in a short time of 1-2 hours under the painless local anaesthesia method with very satisfactory results. There is no pain or disturbing condition ofter the process. Recovery of the eyebrow taking their real shap takes 4-6 months. And our patients may pluck their eyebrows after 2 months


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