Dental Treatment

Dental and periodontal diseases are among the most frequently seen diseases. However, people do not show the required care to their dental health. As a result, manay problems occur.

With staff dentists specialized in the field of oral and dental health, Oral and Dental Health department started to operate, basing on patient satisfaction, cleanness and hygiene and following and providing the most advanced technological developments. This unit provides service in the specialized branches such as orthodontics, periodontal diseases, jaw diseases and pedodontics. As it is, jaw and dental deformations of people from each age group can be treated. Furthermore, with jaw surgery, impacted cyst operations, implant applications and temporomandibular joint can be treated with jaw surgery; and dramatic results are obtained for malodour and alternative treatments are offered by means of tooth bleaching, aesthetical filling and dental prostheses.

  • Evaluation of broken jaws
  • Extraction of impacted teeth
  • Serial toothed extraction under anaesthesia
  • Normal tooth extractions
  • Root canal treatments
  • Apical rejection
  • Amalgam fillings
  • Fillings by light
  • Fixed and movable prostheses
  • Prostheses on implant
  • Porcelain and other veneers
  • Temporary prostheses


Correction of crooked teeth of patients, irrespective of age, by means of fixed and movable apparatus. Expansion of narrow teeth gaps when bridging.

  • Place preparation for the bridges.
  • Treatment and extraction of the children’s teeth
  • Hand-wrist radiographic evaluation for development
  • Treatment and operations for bleeding dental and periodontal diseases.


Application of implant on the upper and lower jaws and fixed bridges and movable prostheses on the implant.

  • Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Closure of spaced teeth
  • Adjustment of gum length
  • Porcelain laminate
  • Bleaching
Infections starting from mouth, tooth and gum may deactivate a number of main organs of the body. They, for example, directly affect the heart, joints, lungs, kidneys, digestion system and especially ear, nose and throat completely. It may be easily said that the starting point of our overall body health is protection of “oral and dental health”. Because of bad eating habits, and failure to give due care to the oral and dental health under supervision of dentist regularly, dental and periodontal diseases contine to be an important problem of public health. Early diagnosis and treatment of tooth decays is considerably important for both health and socially and economically. If tooth decays are diagnosed at the first stage and treated, the tooth is saved. Expenses to be made at the first stage are little. Furthermore, time to be spent by the health personnel will be less. Expense and labour in the advanced stage of the decay will be greater.
Early diagnosis is very important for protection of dental health. For this reason, you are recommended to visit the dentist minimum two times a year for examination. Acids and carbohydrates create tiny holes on the ivory, the protective layer of the teeth. These holes gradually expand, taking from of little cavities. After the ivory wears out, decay deteriorates quickly, forming a wide and deep cavity on the layer underneath. When tooth decay progress into the dental pulp, the teeth start to ache. For prevention of tooth decays, the basic factors are sufficient amount of fluoride in the water, regular tooth brushing, use of dental floss, avoidance of excessively sweet and sugary food as much as possible and, when they are eaten, brushing teeth definitely and regular dentist visits. Excessively acidic and sugary foods worsen effects of the microorganisms. Teeth should not be tampered with hard objects like hazelnut, walnut and similar nuts. They may cause crack of the ivory, increasing the bacterial effects. As a result, protective effect of the ivory is impaired.

Dental Treatment

Dental and periodontal diseases are among the most frequently seen diseases. However, people do not show the required ca...

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